Judicial Integrity

Judicial Integrity is an oxymoron, like military intelligence or business ethics.

We are being played like a symphony. They control the instruments and the composition.

On a daily basis, somewhere in this country, we are informed of a police officer/s who have physically brutalized or murdered a person of color. We have been forced fed the belief that those working within the judicial system are people of integrity. To the point, that the public assumes any information coming from the judicial system is the truth. How did we get here? Besides years of propaganda...

They control the narrative from the first approach to the final result of that interaction.

If the arrest was illegal they withhold evidence until at which time they can come up with a plausible legal reasoning (presumably). And are given the benefit of the doubt.

The media immediately looks for any dirt they can find on the victim to assist in trying the victim through public opinion. As well as notifying community leaders to insist on calm. Let the system work... It's a game, a well played game, but one that has now played out.

Communities seeking answers, approach their city councils to persuade the need for a civilian ran commission to oversee these called investigations (atrocities). But the police unions are basically running our towns. Every once in awhile you might be thrown a concession, but they are basically toothless and powerless.

For example, Tatyana in Bakersfield, CA.. A young African-American woman was riding her bike, when she is stopped by several policeman. Suddenly and unprovoked, she is thrown to the ground, canine allowed to bite and gnaw on her, hands and feet bound, then thrown in the back of a car. The suspect they were looking for was a man,5'10", bald with a beard, with completely different clothes on. Tatyana is a petite young woman, not even close to the description. Which gives way to pondering whether they just wanted to whoop some black ass that day. How else could this possibly be rationalized?

Bakersfield police version of events, is that it was a case of mistaken identity. They calmly approached Tatyana, who became beligerent who then shoved and subsequently flipped a police officer to the ground. They had no other choice then to commit mayhem upon her.

I apologize for the thousands of other incidences that I am leaving out, of people of color being shown less respect than we show animals. I use this example, because it's very recent.

The doctrine of the Criminal Industrial Complex can be explained in three words....

Lock Them Up! Thousands of examples can be made for false arrests, false reports, and false testimonies. I personally, sat in court one day and watched a uniformed police officer flat out lie, after taking the oath, in open court. I truly believe in my heart there is a reason they refer to their badge as a SHIELD. The whole system is SHIELDED,

Then you have district attorneys often fabricating a plausible reasoning for why your guilty and then it is up to you to prove your innocence. Hiding evidence that would prove your innocence, losing DNA. Doing whatever it takes to get the win. Thankfully we have organizations like the Innocence Project who has successfully exonerated many and gotten them out of prison. But for most of the time, the scenes are played out as scripted.

Let's not leave out the back room deals that goes on in judge's chambers. So many books have been written about the quid pro quo and back scratching that goes on behind closed doors that the collusion is widely known. They even laugh about it among themselves. How smoothly things are going... Private prison shares are up, state prisons receiving bigger budgets..all to get you off the street.

How can one possibly work within a system that is corrupt? The truth is, that you can't. Please educate each other, look out for one another. We have to return to a time when we had each others back. Otherwise, next time it maybe me, or my kids, or you or your kids...we are in vicious times... getting on your knees is not the answer.

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